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Publisher: Phantom House/Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, June 2007

Antarctic Partners Front Cover

Pages: 122 pp   Soft cover

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Price: NZ$ 50.00

‘A partnership well worth celebrating’ is how Sir Edmund Hillary sums up the way New Zealand and the United States have worked together in Antarctica over the 50 years since their stations were established on Ross Island in the Ross Sea Region south of New Zealand. Sir Edmund, the leading New Zealand figure at the outset of the partnership in the 1956-57 summer, describes the partnership as ‘unique’ among the 28 nations active today in the world’s coldest, windiest, highest, driest, loneliest and last-discovered continent.

This book is a richly illustrated and at times dramatic account of the dynamics of New Zealand-United States cooperation in Antarctica – the way people get to and from Antarctica by air and sea, the day-to-day reality of living and conducting science in a frozen desert, the need for search-and-rescue capability, and intense collaboration between Antarctic scientists from the two nations.



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