Fiord Heritage - A guide to the Historic Sites of Coastal Fiordland




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FIORD HERITAGE - A guide to the Historic Sites of Coastal Fiordland

Publisher: Department of Conservation, Te Anau, March 2007


Pages: 76 pp   Soft cover

Available: New

Price: NZ$ 25.00

Fiordland’s coastline, awesomely wild, is also the setting for some of New Zealand’s earliest European activity. Sealing and shore whaling industries were initiated here. This coast saw the building of the first European house and ship. Captain Cook’s Resolution expedition spent a memorable five weeks in ‘Dusky Bay’ in 1773, and his reports encouraged early British use of the natural resources of Fiordland. New Zealand’s first wildlife ranger was stationed here in the late 1890s.

This book is a guide to the legendary stories and historic locations of New Zealand’s world-famous fiords, where human history tends to be amplified and made more dramatic by the wild, edge-of-the-world setting. Learn about the people who visited, lived and worked in the fiords in the past.

Already a World Natural Heritage Area, Fiordland also has an amazing human history, and some of its historic sites are of international significance.


Review: ‘Fascinating stories . . . well-illustrated.’  Otago Daily Times



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