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Kiwi - The Peoples Bird

Publisher: Otago University Press, December 2006

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Pages: 176

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Price: NZ$ 45.00

Dubbed an ‘honorary mammal’, the kiwi is perhaps the world’s most unusual bird. This landmark book on New Zealand’s national bird – Neville Peat’s third book on kiwi – looks at its fascinating nature, where it can be seen, its history as a cultural icon, and the phenomenal effort going on in the early years of the 21st century to save the mainland kiwi populations.

Across much of the kiwi’s North Island range, thousands of volunteers, scores of projects and millions of dollars are focussed on enhancing the bird’s chances of mainland survival. This book is a tribute to that effort and to the fighting qualities of the bird itself.


Reviews: ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about the kiwi’.
     New Zealand Listener, February 2007.

'... the recovery of the kiwi is inspiring.’
 Wairarapa Times, January 2007

‘Peat . . . comes away feeling cautiously optimistic about the future of
New Zealand’s national bird.’
Dominion Post, January 2007


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