Southern Land, Southern People




Wild Dunedin

Southern Land, Southern People

Publisher: Otago Museum/University of Otago Press 2002.

Southern Land, Southern People

Pages:  48

Available: New

Price: NZ$ 15.00

A guide to an Otago Museum permanent gallery of the same name, celebrating the dynamic landforms, lost fauna and flora and challenging climate of Southern New Zealand, and the way people have explored this landscape and utilised its natural resources.
Diverse exhibits include a breathtaking display of moa skeletons, New Zealand’s largest fossil (an eight-metre plesiosaur), and the world’s largest eagle, the extinct Harpagornis.


‘. . . Down the eras, southern people have cherished their links with the land no matter what their calling – moa-hunter rock artist, high-country runholder, gold miner, backblocks angler, latter-day adventure seeker


Neville Peat



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